Roadmap and Timeline




Elrond Integration

The e-Money NGM token and stablecoins will become available on Elrond.


Stablecoin Centralised Exchange Listing

The currency-backed stablecoins will be listed on the first centralised exchange, enabling seamless exchange between e-Money currency-backed tokens and traditional crypto-currencies.


Credit Card Payments

In addition to bank transfers, users will be able to use their credit card when exchanging currency-backed stablecoins for fiat.


e-Money Mainnet upgrade

Mainnet upgrade will be performed to introduce IBC support and number of major improvements to the DEX.


Launch of eEUR Liquidity Mining Program

A liquidity mining program will be launched for eEUR/USDT on Uniswap, PancakeSwap and Pangolin.


Launch of NGM Liquidity Mining Program

A liquidity mining program will be launched for NGM/USDT on Uniswap, PancakeSwap and Pangolin.


Polygon (previously Matic Network) Integration

The e-Money NGM token and stablecoins will become available on Polygon.


Binance Smart Chain Integration

The e-Money NGM token and stablecoins will become available on the Binance Smart Chain.


Rebranding of logo and website

Leading design agency Bürocratik completes the rebranding & digital transformation work previously announced.


Avalanche Integration

The e-Money NGM token and stablecoins will become available on the Avalanche C-chain.



Second NGM Centralised Exchange Listing

The e-Money NGM staking token is listed on the KuCoin exchange.


Custodiex Partnership Announced

e-Money partners with Custodiex to explore real-time cold storage solution for institutional clients. Read the full announcement.


Curate Partnership Announced

Curate and e-Money announce Strategic Partnership. Read the full announcement.


Uniqly Partnership Announced

Uniqly partners with e-Money to explore European stablecoins. Read the full announcement.


Uniswap v3 Migration

Uniswap NGM liquidity was migrated to an NGM/USDT pool.


Fuse Partnership Announced

Fuse partners with e-Money to bring its Stablecoin suite to the Fuse ecosystem. Read the full announcement.


Uniswap Liquidity Pool

The NGM/ETH liquidity pool was created on Uniswap.


Cosmos IBC Launches

The long-awaited Cosmos IBC protocol launched enabling the Internet of Money.



Swap Support in The Web Wallet

The web wallet is extended with an intuitive web-based user interface for the e-Money decentralised exchange (DEX).


e-Money Mainnet Upgrade

The planned mainnet upgrade completes successfully introducing:

  • NGM token transferability
  • Updated token model, including a buyback and burn on NGM tokens
  • DEX update allowing market orders and lifetime controls: GTC, IOC and FOK


Financial Supervisory Authority Authorisation

e-Money receives authorisation by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) to exchange fiat and crypto currencies.


Sentinel Partnership

e-Money partners with Sentinel: A distributed VPN solution with a novel bandwidth incentivization protocol.


Desmos Partnership

e-Money partners with Desmos Network: A protocol to build open and decentralised social networks.


Regen Network Partnership

e-Money partners with Regen Network: A global marketplace & contracting platform for Earth’s ecosystem assets, services, and data.


Figment Network Launches Block Explorer

Figment Networks launches a block explorer for the e-Money mainnet.

In addition to this, Figment Networks offer institutional grade infrastructure, software, and governance solutions for networks, token investors, and enterprise clients.


Certik Publishes Code Security Audit

The leading blockchain security company Certik conclude on a thorough security audit of the e-Money codebase:

e-Money's theoretical model and implementation are well-designed and executed cleanly, demonstrating a good command over the relevant best practices.

Read the full report here.


First Tokens Minted on Mainnet

The first fully backed EUR, CHF, SEK, NOK and DKK tokens are minted on the e-Money mainnet.


Ecosystem Fund Launches

The e-Money ecosystem fund is announced with a number of available grants.

Qualified projects must drive adoption, e.g. wallet providers, exchanges and applications using e-Money tokens.


Lunie First to Offer e-Money Integration

Lunie wallet announces its first ever mainnet integration with e-Money.

In addition to a user-friend web wallet, Lunie is launching e-Money enabled mobile wallets for Android and iOS in near future.


Mainnet Launch

The e-Money mainnet was successfully launched on March 25th, 2020 at 12:00 UTC with more than 30 validators joining within the first few hours.

See the launch announcement.


Onfido Chosen as Identity Partner

After careful research and negotiation e-Money picks Onfido as it's primary partner for identity verification.



Open Market Partnership

A partnership is announced with ecosystem project Open Market: A non-fungible asset marketplace for Cosmos.


Banking Relationship Established

After thorough research the first banking relationship is established, paving the way for EUR, CHF, SEK, NOK and DKK backed tokens.


Clarification of Regulatory Status

The regulatory status of our currency-backed stablecoins is further clarified through expert advice from DLA Piper offices in London and Copenhagen.


Launch of Third and Fourth Testnets

These testnets introduce a novel model for token issuance and liquidity provision, paving the way for numerous on/off-ramp partnerships.

See the launch announcement for the fourth testnet.


Launch of Second Testnet

This testnet introduces a high-precision token inflation model based on Tendermint block timestamps.

This is important to ensure a viable business model for our currency-baked tokens and NGM token holders. See the launch announcement.


IOV Partnership

IOV and *starnames are all about crypto-payments made easy. This goes hand in hand with the e-Money vision.


IRISnet Partnership

A partnership is announced with IRISnet: The foundation for next-generation dapps by offering a service-oriented infrastructure for the Cosmos Network.


Launch of First Testnet

This testnet is the first to implement on-demand block generation using standard Tendermint and Cosmos SDK software.

On-demand block generation is a vital to ensure payments are processed instantly, typically in less than 500 milliseconds.


e-Money A/S is Established

e-Money A/S is incorporated in Denmark as company number 40717382.

The company is a fully owned subsidiary of Block Finance A/S.


Development of Blockchain Software Started

Development of the em-ledger blockchain software begins. It is based on the Cosmos SDK which has matured and stabilised leading up to Cosmos Network launch.


The Internet of Blockchains Launches

The Internet of Blockchains, a.k.a. the Cosmos Network launches with the Cosmos Hub. The Cosmos Hub is a key component in fulfilling the e-Money vision of frictionless payments.



EY Appointed as Auditor

EY is appointed as auditor for the Block Finance group of companies and can provide proof of funds for the currency-backed stablecoins.


Whitepaper Released

The plans for our interest bearing, currency-backed stablecoins are made public. In the context of payments, the whitepaper stresses the importance of offering an efficient way to transfer and exchange tokens quickly and with finality.

The latest whitepaper is available here.



Central Bank Meeting

A meeting is held with the central bank of Denmark (Nationalbanken) to discuss the implications of our planned activities. Among the topics are the effect of negative interest rates on fiat tokens.


Exploration of Regulatory Landscape

A collaboration with leading fintech lawyer Michael Camphausen is established and discussions with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) commences.


Block Finance A/S is Established

Block Finance A/S, the parent company of e-Money A/S, is incorporated in Denmark as company number 38771698.



Early Prototyping Begins

To test the viability of payments using currency-backed stablecoins, early prototyping begins using Tendermint technology and application code written in C++.

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